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Key facts and dates of major paintings by Nikita N. Efremovtsev: from creation to exhibitions

1984-1996 — ‘Over the Bowl’ (1984) and ‘Red Flag Melting. Mutating Spaces’ (1984); ‘Premonition of Chernobyl’ (1986) and ‘Chernobyl Autumn’ (1986); ‘An Unread Book. To the Memory of the Lost’ (1988); ‘Hoarfrosted Samarkand’ (1989), ‘Rock Mission’ (1989); ‘The Land of Wolves and Drifters’ (1990), ‘Red Jacket Crucifixion’ (1990) and ‘Winter road’ (1990); ‘Haystacks and The Three’ (1992); ‘Vytegra in Winter’ (1996).

2004 — Early paintings were first time exhibited only 10 years after they were painted — at Nikita’s personal exhibition in the recreation center of Kurchatov Institute; the event was publicized in ‘Nezavisimaya gazeta’ and in a film shot by TV company of Northwestern District of Moscow.

2006 — ‘Coming Back. Century XXI’ and ‘A way for Seraphim of Sarov’. Second personal exhibition was held in the exhibition center of Moscow Regional Association of Artists. A new film shot by TV company of Northern District of Moscow.

2006-2007 — Some paintings were published on the website of the International Internet Association of Artists at www.art-bazaar.ru. Started personal website at www.loveandsafety.ru, dedicated to the safe evolution of human being and society. ‘Square of No-Malevich #7’. Third personal exhibition was held in the premises of Moscow Petrochemical Bank.

2008 — Participated in four qualifying exhibitions held by Moscow Regional Association of Artists. ‘Black Square with Camomiles’, ‘The Year of the Bull — A tribute to Nikolay Klyuev’, ‘A way to Seraphim…’, ‘Haystacks and The Three’ were qualified by Moscow Regional Association of Artists’s board of experts and entered the book dedicated to 50th Anniversary of Moscow Regional Association of Artists. The Final Regional Exhibition of Moscow Regional Association of Artists was held at exhibit hall ‘New Manezh’ and exhibit hall of Moscow Regional Association of Artists at Begovaya metro station. Awarded the ‘In the service of art’ medal and named in The Golden Book of Nations. Participated in the exhibition held by the International Academy of Arts and Culture in art gallery of Penza. From doing sketches to oil painting of ‘Square of No-Malevich #8’.

2009 — ‘Square of No-Malevich #8’ was exhibited at ‘The Way of Unity’ Exhibition in the Central House of Artists, Moscow. Painted ‘Nose; Causing a reflection on the end of the Age of Pisces’; the painting was exhibited at the Moscow House of Nationalities and couple of other places. ‘Ruthenia and Phoenix’ painting was demonstrated at two ‘Warrior-Host’ Exhibitions held by The Creative Union of Professional Artists. ‘Cognitive stages of Love’ Project was demonstrated in Chicago, USA. Russian ‘Berg Privilegiya’ magazine, aimed at elite industrialists, posted an article about the artistry of Nikita N. Efremovtsev, who is a mining engineer, philosopher and painter.

2010 — The painting named ‘Chronos — Warrior of Time — Solstice’ participated in the Pancake Week Exhibition at the Moscow House of Nationalities. Nikita painted ‘Epic Ruthenia’ or ‘Gracious Orchard’, ‘A Woman Who is Washing Canvas’ and ‘Cosmic Ruthenia’ and defined fundamentals of SEPT-ART-CENTRISM. Personal exhibition was held in the Museum of Fine Arts in Nizhni Tagil. A TV company of Nizhni Tagil shot a film about artistry of Nikita N. Efremovtsev. Interview of Sergey Kadyrov with Nikita N. Efremovtsev was published online. A poem of ‘Cosmic Ruthenia’ was written too. Prerpress editing of the first part of ‘Philosophy of Evolution. Artistry of SEPT-ART-CENTRISM Evolution’ book.

Over the 2004 to 2010 period Nikita’s paintings were demonstrated at twenty exhibitions.

2011 — ‘My Love’ article by Nikita N. Efremovtsev was published in Russian ‘Zhenschina & Politika’ magazine. Painted ‘Square of No-Malevich #9’. Prerpress editing of ‘Philosophy of Evolution’ book. Five paintings were demonstrated at ‘Empowered by Russian Spirit’ Exhibition held by the Russian Academy of Arts in Kaluga. Publication of ‘Philosophy of Evolution’ book.

2012 — ….