Nikita Efremovtsev

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Phylosophy of evolution. Chapter 1

Creative Work of Consciousness` Evolution SEPT-ART-CENTRISM

M., 2011. — 269 p., ill. ISBN 978-5-4347-0001-6    

Efremovtsev N.N.    

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The book makes an accent on the consciousness evolution problem human consciousness development and modernization methodology base don’t he synthesis of science, art and sept-art-centuring philosophy concept. In this book author defined basic rules of sept-art-centrism philosophy, ethical and esthetical concepts of safe evolution of an individual or a society. Besides he stated principles, provisions and criteria that are common for spiritual, mental and social levels of existence, showed basic contradictions in realization of evolutionary transformations, and presented details of art & scientific way of perception of the world and some examples of fusion between poetry and fine art. Several issues of cynetic and energy exchange of the regulated forms of existence in the substantial, menthal and spiritual spheres are included as having been considered.

There are lots of artworks in this book which are main author’s paintings. Key facts and dates of their creation and participation in exhibitions, reference publications, some articles on philosophy of art are also included.

Предложена методология эволюции модернизации сознания человека и общества, в основе которого синтез науки и искусств на базе философской концепции септ-арт-центризма.

The materials that will be included in the second part of the book are devoted to the subject of the spiritual evolution of man.