Nikita Efremovtsev

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Separation and centering art doctrine on philosophical and ethical aspects of creativity in painting art

I am sure that by connecting LOVE, TRUTH AND BEAUTY and by attracting the energy of the Superior while we create, a scientist and a painter make their existence a more stable oneand a more effectively resistant to the entropy.

I think that the world of the space that is around us, implies the relativity of the time passing speed, and that is why there are positions, points of view. It is looking from them, that a scientist and a painter can see holographic picture, taken for all times. He sees, he cognites and represents past, present and future at the same time. That means that the tasks of a scientist and a painter are the research of their position and the represented phenomenon or object in spiritual, mental and physical existencespheres, as well as creating a thought image of the place, where the creative process subject and the object he represents should be the next day.

Separation and centering art doctrine as a creativity concept implies a maximum freedom as far as the nature material is concerned — natural world, that is around us, as well as artificial world, man — made one, as in order to attain the set — up goals and tasks.

The Aristotle` s comprehension of art goals, that was not an enough extended one, led him to the art concept of just imitation. Plato` s concept of the space and contents` spiritual idea that lies beyond the world of senses, set another art goal, but it is limited as well.


The world conception that is at the basis of Separation and centering art doctrine enables to reduce the reduced art conceptions contrarieties. It also makes it possible to create in the inseparable nature and non — confluence (non — junction) harmony of spiritual, mental and physical existence sphere.

We see and we just reflect in our art and scientific research the mutual complementary nature and indivisibility of crystal and wave form of matter existence, or, to be more precise, the wave and carcass one, that make it an RSE. At the same time, there is no separate IDEA, out of the matter and substance. There is an energy — info forms` multi — dimensional matrix. These forms are inseparable ones and not — confluent ones.

A person that has adopted SEPARATION AND CENTERING ART DOCTRINE and who is using its concept, does not need to quarrel while discussing whether a hen or an egg came first or else what world model is a true one. It is by the «existing and the non — existing one» (Aristotle) or «the existence and idea» (Plato), that he conceives the world, he studies the world and tries to bring perfection into his life, by creating forms, which are reasonable for evolution, adjusted forms of the beautiful in three existence spheres that supplement each other and penetrate each other.

I think, the main preconditions of the efficient creativity are the following ones:

— a thorough main evolution laws understanding;

— existence goals`, tasks`, senses` and meanings` comprehension

All kinds of creativity, painting art and science, in the first place, are ways of existence cognition and make it possible to create RSE, by diffusing knowledge and energy in mental, spiritual, physical and social existence sphere.

It is by alloying individual emotional experiences, the psychological energy with wisdom and morals in the process of cognition, that the artist forms he expresses in image. It is the intensity of individual beauty, love and wisdom experience of the world organization defines the results number and the creative process` s success.

Material, used for the RSE science and art creation process, may be as follows:

— Stone, wood, colors and canvas (plate, paper),

— Sounds acoustic oscillations, creating vibrations in a complex space and time structure, including the ones formed according to the harmony laws;

— different space and time structure electro — magnetic wave impact devices, in particular, radiation, that creates mutating changes in bio — objects and crystal structures, it is vibrations produced by them, that may hasten the sorted increase RSE evolution and vice versa the destruction of existing crystal and sub — structures of the livingnature andnon- living nature in all theexistence spheres:

— Electronic info transformation, storage and diffusion systems,

— Sorted liquid and gasified substances and solid material nano — and micro — dimensional elements, RSE of the j — form and diffusion.

At the present development stage, info mastering and images of the world speed increases dramatically (it is not clear what will come out beyond this limit), that is why any art work and any science paper should be limited ones, «preformed ones», and their formshould help the audience to learn portion by portion the info message the view of consequent expanding or reducing of one` s way or the one of society` s way is one of the most convenient forms of discreet step — by — step cognition of the endless world essence.

In spite of the fact, that form and contents are subjective ones, because they are being perceived and created by each man individually within the limits frequencies specter — still the subjective results of cognition are absolutely precious ones. It means, that, in a greater extent, increases man` s capacity meaning for parallel vision of the object` s image on the several energy levels and in different existence spheres.

I would like to stress once more, that developing of such vision capacity and the efficient energy different levels` exchange one is extremely important. We should recall and learn to use this capacity, that will give us unquestionable advantages for safe existence and increasing of our spiritual and intellectual knowledge, will make each of us a person, radiant with harmony of belief, physical and intellectual force, a free person, ready for the next step of evolution.

For an efficient world study, a scientist and an artist should necessarily structure the cognited space existence spheres on a visible mental spheres manifested for him and the visible one, non — manifested for him and the invisible one, still not understood by him, not included in his individual, mental sphere. One should as well realizethe existence of a certain bordering region on the efficient interaction with which one should concentrate one` s attention in the first place.

The tasks of painting, as well as the science of Separation and centering art doctrine are:

— To define the studied objects structure, changing of its characteristics, tendencies, to define its resulting vector and its movement (evolution and degrading) vectors in the studied period,

— To form images according to the beauty laws, having maximum informative nature, symbols that completely compress the info and those acting on men` s mental sphere non — manifested side.

— To decipher info — codes and spiritual and multi — colored and multi — sound forms, filling the info field, or clearly speaking, the man` s mental sphere, time resistant, as efficient as possible as for the structuring impact.

— To form multi — plan, multi — dimensional RSE spaces, carrying archetypes and universal ones, multi — sense` s images, clear to the people of different educational level and national identity.

Here comes the total different styles freedom using in art work creation process, in representing past, present and future, depicting different day and night periods, their succession.

Art style in SEPARATION AND CENTERING ART DOCTRINE` s concept implies the cognition of existence sense by increasing contrasts and ambivalent vision.

An interesting task is to study by art means the author and other people` s, which are close to him, their movement on the love cognition stages.

At the same time, Separation and centering art doctrine, studying movement of inter — connected processes, analyses, in particular, the contrary aspirations and actions of a person, of physical world, of society, of evolution aspiration,

— evolution aspirations and ascent of some people on the stages of the Good and the Evil cognition, forming a world of good — loving image.

— involution or aspirations towards the Evil and movement on the stages of evil cognition, creating the ugliness and deformity of evil space.

— evolution and involution inter — penetration and inter — influence.

An artist, on his love cognition way, should understand and show a structure and laws of the good, the evil and superior love, dominating them all — as a system of symbols.

Ethics and esthetics issues in art are ones of those most important ones, as they define its impact (a positive or a negative) result. That is why ethics and esthetics issues in the Separation and centering art doctrine` s creativity concept will be considered more in detail in the following chapters.

Here, I would like to stress that evolution creativity ethical and esthetical style in Separation and centering art doctrine` s concept is, first of all:

— Courage to study the unknown;

— Courage to tell somebody about one` s love.

— Courage to share one` s knowledge with people.

— Courage to love within the frames of ethics` norms and to make moves in that direction by the people that are close to you.

— Courage to tell the truth to the people.

Let us consider today` s world ethics — while we live in the world of money and golden calf, the one of profit by all means, to my mind, it can be divided in three categories,

— People and communities to whom truth is more important than money,

— People and communities to whommoney is more important thantruth,

— Communities of other persons that have not thought about it yet.

For, while you know the truth, including the one of yourself, and you have not told it to anyone, you lie. And lies is good for depression and pride, the worst enemies of man` s soul evolution.

I would like to stress one more time, that ethics and esthetics of Separation and centering art doctrine is based on the comprehension and acceptance of the fact, that the transforming energy of the superior Love is both required by the good and the evil. Love need is the common thing, uniting the good and the evil. That is why Separation and centering art doctrine insists on creating art work in esthetics–LOVE OVER — ALL ABSOLUTE — that expressly (willfully) dominates all other esthetics, enumerated lower:

— the one of the beautiful, the lofty and the heroic (Alexander Baumgarten, 1735).

— aleteya, truth esthetics (m. Heidegger, 1935 — 1950).

A scientific system approach implies the introduction of several new terms, making it possible to divide by a word subjects acting in one evolution battlefield in two caterogies. For instance, a person committed by his living resources, energy and life time to a conscious work, assisting evolution, can be qualified as an EVOLUTIONARY ONE, whereas a person, wasting his forces and time for moves sinking into inferior existence spheres, can be qualified as an INVOLUTIONARY ONE.

An artist, a sculptor,an architect, a builder, a scientist create forms of the beautiful, emanating the energies of beauty and the good or vice versa damaging destruction energies in all three existence spheres.

A complex art and science problem is cognition and representation of existence of the spiritual sphere, man` s soul and its impact on the changes in materialistic world, art work energy power increase up to maximum possible level. Here I do not use the term «power», in this case, from the arms creating field, for considerable art works are actually a powerful arms of combating the entropy processes in spiritual and mental existence sphere.

The evolution creativity in Separation and centering art doctrine philosophy is based on corpuscular and wave dualism, defining the RSE` s structure change in their endless development scale.

Progressing on the beauty cognition stages, and, throughbeauty love, learning to love nature, human body, beauty of one` s motherland, an artist and a scientist in their creative work realistic part, learn to perceive and to feel harmony, created by the Superior. In this sense, the meaning of realistic art, as a part of systematically structured Separation and centering art doctrine` art style is completely evident.

Matrix of forms and color of natural world and capacity to use the methods ofrealistic art are given to us in order to realize beauty and to teach other people to beauty and love for the true and the most valuable fruit of the Superior creativity. It is on the basis of this comprehension that one can realize further multiplication of the beautiful and to fill with newly sorted beauty created forms — all the existence spheres, observing its natural world harmony. If art works energies are not harmonized with the vibrations and nature laws, these energieswill be destructive ones for it, and a big amount of them will inevitably lead to the response reaction of the superior order system.

Separation and centering art doctrine Art style is a development concept. Perfecting his creativity, an artist attains its impact informative nature increase, profoundness and intensity on the evolution object — on the spectator, that is why, the necessary Separation and centering art doctrine creative stage is exhibition process organization and the use of other means of demonstration of results of their work, that ensure interacting of art work withspectators, that are both objects and subjects of evolution process. An artist consciously creates forms and contents of his possibilities and the trajectory of his development is being transformed in social medium (sector) and other existence spheres.

In order to create the complete complex movement image in spiritual, mental and physical existence spheres, it is necessary to show in art work — a multi — dimensional world. That implies much more freedom and mind broadness and the use of different art means compared to those, that are in the arsenal of Separation and centering art doctrine, as a evolution eternal creativity paradigm, reflects the intensive modern man life tempo, civilization on its utmost dynamics, for the most part in symbolic and metaphysical form and, what is the most important thing, basing itself not on S. Dali` s crutch and his disease — like passion for existence rotting intestines, but on an optimistic esthetics and ethics` concept of OVER ALL LOVE ABSOLUTE.