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The basics of separation of the values from slag and the centering art (sept-art-centrism)

picture 'Civilization. Number five'

Efremovtsev N.N., "Civilisation. Number five. Idol of sin", c.o. 80х100cm, 2010-2011.
"When you see the abomination of desolation ... standing in the holy place (in the human mind), let the reader understand" (Mat. 24.15)

The text hereby suggested to the reader` s attention is to help him to discover the basics of sept — art — centrism, referring to the evolution and involution processes in three spheres of existence: the spiritual one, the mental one (the info one) and the spheres of physical and social world.

The space of existence is an endless stairs but we see and perceive but several stages (levels and ranges) of dynamic vibrations that correspond to the visible forms. So, each of these stages is a level on the existence forms` energy and info regulation stairs. Sept — art — centrism is to promote a better understanding of the world structure and to enable us to follow the cognition and creative work stages, overwhelming them step by step on a complicated evolution way in different spheres of existence.

The world, given to us for knowledge and accessible for comprehension, represents, on any dynamic stage, the inner reflections of the consumed, reflected or radiant energy in its corpuscular and wave forms. They are rays and emanations:
— of the visible light;
— of the psychological energy of a person;
— of the higher energy of Love and Good — the energy of resisting to the entropy in all the three spheres of existence — the Good — Loving energy.

Sept — art — centrism is a concept of the world outlook, a systematic science and metaphysical way of the multi — dimensional space cognition;

Sept — art — centrism is a methodology of evolution and stable and safe existence cognition;

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